Prodigy -Auto Code -Blood Glucose Monitoring System Kit

Prodigy -Auto Code -Blood Glucose Monitoring System Kit

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  • Prodigy auto code blood glucose monitoring system for in vitro diagnostic use only
  • Talks in English, Spanish, French and Arabic. Data Management 450 test memory, USB port uses standard USB cable
  • For use with Prodigy no coding test strips capillary action strip
  • The Prodigy no coding test strip automatically draws the blood sample into the test strip, only a tiny blood sample needed
  • Alternate site testing; forearm; upper arm, thigh, calf, and palm
  • Prodigy autocode kit includes prodigy autocode meter (1), 2 AAA batteries, carrying case, prodigy lancing device, prodigy lancets, owner's manual. Read before using

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